T2 PROJECT - Nội Bài

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T2 PROJECT - Nội Bài

Bài gửi  khoatd on 17/3/2008, 12:46

Construction of the second passenger terminal (T2) at the Noi Bai International Airport is expected to commence in October this year.

The T2 terminal will be built at a cost of close to 419 million USD, which comes from the national reserve capital through the Viet Nam Development Bank.

It is designed to receive 10 million passengers per annum once it becomes operational in October, 2010, coinciding with the 1000 th anniversary of Thang Long-Ha Noi.

At that time, the existing terminal T1 capable of handling 6 million passengers will only serve domestic flights.

In a master plan for Noi Bai Airport expansion, it will be upgraded to handle 50 million passengers each year.

The Ministry of Transport is now instructing relevant units to urgently complete necessary preparations for the construction.

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Lớp 11

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Location : Noibai Airport
Registration date : 29/10/2007

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